Homeschooling Isn’t Easy

Homeschooling Isnt EasyI lost it one day last week.   Arguing, whining, and complaining were in great supply.  I had had enough and before I blew up, I stood up and walked away – much to my children’s surprise.  I took a break to cool down and when I came back my children were ready to set aside the arguing, whining, and complaining….for a time.  That is reality.

Homeschooling isn’t easy. The idealized view has children happily learning, lots of laughter, fun times, a spotless house, very little time spent preparing for learning, and a parent who is well-rested.  As I am nearing the end of our 9th year homeschooling I can say without a doubt that homeschooling is not easy.

Homeschooling is not sunshine and rainbows.  Honestly, you won’t often (or ever) hear your children’s angelic voices loving everything about school.  Children are not automatons who will willing do or want to do what is requested of them.  Household chores may fall by the wayside because a child needs more of your time.

Some days lessons seem to go in one ear and out the other.  Some days there are tears.  Some days you feel like Charlie Brown’s teacher.   Some times it is very much like this Kid Snippets video:


It is worth it.

There are days with laughter, fun, and excitement about learning.

There are those awesome moments when your child gets a concept and you see the lightbulb come on.

Educationally, it is no contest.  With homeschooling, education can be customized for each child so each child is challenged and going at an appropriate pace.

But most of all, the day in and day out of homeschooling is an excellent way to really get to know and understand your kids and build a strong relationship.  Getting to know how to reach my kids educationally has given me a greater appreciation for their personality and their passions.

Sure there are challenges and difficulties and many tired mornings.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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