Homeschooling with a Toddler – Rotating Toy Boxes

Homeschooling with an active toddler can be challenging.  Little ones can become bored easily and get into things they should not.  Rotating toy boxes have saved the day for our family more than one time.  When my boys were small I worked full time from home.  I put most of my boys’ toys in different toy boxes and stashed them away.  When they started to fuss or show signs of boredom I would exchange the toy box with another one.  When I assemble the toy boxes I put all the toys in one room with empty toy boxes.  Of course, this is best done without a toddler around, but it can be a exciting place for your toddler to be.  I try to put a variety of toys in each toy box.  Some toy boxes are themed though like animal toys or Little People toys.

Here is an example of a non-themed toy box.  I have a little bit of everything in there.  My daughter also has access to a cupboard in the kitchen full of her books so I only have a couple of books in this box.
Here is part of the finished product.  I like to have at least six boxes, but ended up with 9.
I also have small containers with certain toys that would get easily mixed up in a big toy box.  Rotating toy boxes not only gives your toddler a chance to play with “new” toys all the time, but they also help keep the toy mess under control.  When a new toy box comes out the other one gets packed up and put away.  Still the process is not foolproof.  I usually have to redo the boxes every 6 months or so because things get missed when they are picked up and get put in the wrong box.  It is also helpful to redo the boxes every once in a while because your toddler may receive new toys and no longer play with others.
Some days one toy box may last a few minutes and other times it may last for days.  Having toys seem “new” day after day really does keep a toddler interested in playing.  Happy assembling!

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  1. What a fantastic Idea! I actually have 2 toy boxes and rotate them every 6 months, but I think this is alot better!! Thanks a bunch!

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