Homeschooling with a Toddler – Teething

Homeschooling with a Teething ToddlerHomeschooling with an infant or toddler can be challenging. There are days when the normal schedule has to be thrown out the window. That is more the case when teething comes to visit.

Teething never bothered my boys, but my daughter lets everyone know when a tooth is coming. So, what do we do to adapt?

A baby carrier is essential. When my daughter gets really cranky she finds comfort in the always held position of the carrier. I use the Ergo Baby Carrier so she is on my back and I have both hands free. I normally use the Ergo Baby Carrier for my daughter’s nap time. I put her in there right after lunch and she usually drifts off to sleep as we go through the school day. But then there are days like today when teething comes to visit. Drifting off to sleep wouldn’t be the best way to describe how it worked out. So in cases where the needs of the toddler surpass the needs of the school day I send my boys to their room to play while I attend to my toddler’s needs. We can always do extra school another day or extend the school year another day.

Today this handy feeder filled with a ice cube bought us a little concentrated school time. My toddler sucked on the ice cube while watching Teletubbies.

Homeschooling with a toddler requires flexibility. If you set yourself up to live and die by a homeschool schedule you will likely become quite frustrated. Go with the flow is probably the best method you can employ. Teething and homeschooling don’t go very well together. Thankfully, teething is temporary. Feel free to have a little party when that long awaited tooth has come in.

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