How Long is Your Digestive Tract?

How Long is Your Digestive Tractdigestive tractFor science this school year we are looking in depth at the human body.  We like hands-on learning around here so I searched out a fun project for our study of the digestive tract.

This one involved a project where we had to tie strings together to represent different part of the digestive tract.  We used different strings for the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestine.

Once it was all tied together, we hung it on the ceiling because hanging it on the ceiling is more fun than laying it across the floor.  Well, it was longer than our basement so the end of the digestive tract made its way down the wall a little ways.

You can find the activity here.  Be aware that you need a very long piece of string for the small intestines.  I didn’t have a long enough piece of string for the small intestines so I substituted some green woolly nylon thread I found.

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