Interrupted with Unschooling

Interrupted with UnschoolingUnschooling is the educational philosophy that learning should be unstructured and child-led.  I unschooled throughout my children’s preschool years and avoided any structured learning until my children were around age 5.  But unschooling hasn’t left the building.

As an eclectic homeschooler I choose between a variety of homeschooling philosophies and styles to suit my children.  From time to time unschooling can overtake our day. Today was one of those days.

Our family spent the morning with a real life civics lesson as we waited at the immigration office for an interview and final processing of my application to become a permanent resident of Canada.  As we waited, I watched my younger son draw pictures of flags from Canada and the USA.

After returning home my boys wanted to take turns on the computer.  My oldest son went to NASA’s website and explored while my younger son watched an episode of Liberty’s Kids. Liberty’s Kids is an animated series about the Revolutionary War.  When my younger son had a turn on the computer he wrote on his blog about his favorite topic while my older son watched Liberty’s Kids.

I do have a homeschool schedule set up with things to do everyday, but I still have to allow enough wiggle room for interruptions with unschooling.  While we still may do a few formal school tasks today, my kids will think they only had a small amount of school today.  But I know the truth.  I saw them learning all day.

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