Just a Little Summer Fun

Just a little fun from the past week or two:

The boys spent an afternoon making cookies and banana bread.  They pretty much did it all themselves aside from the actual baking.  I never realized that you can squish an egg and not get any shells in the bowl, but my boys proved that it is possible more than once.    If you want to know what a mess looks like, let your two boys bake!  They did clean up most of their mess though.  Their cookies and banana bread were yummy and they were quite proud of their creations.

Just a little go-cart fun.  They hadn’t ridden on a go-cart before so the boys were super excited to drive around the course.  One loved hitting the tires and one stepped on the breaks every time he came close to a tire.  How can two brothers be so different?

Mini-golf is a favorite activity in our household.  We tried out a new course about 90 minutes from our house.  Of course the little girl has to have her own club and ball.

The best place to eat ice cream cones is at the beach.  I’ve never seen a beach more crowded, but this little ice cream shop off the boardwalk had room to wiggle.

What do you get when you combine a Plan City roadway with wooden train tracks?  A huge puzzle and lots of fun!

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