Keeping It Real…or Not

Keeping It Real or NotThere have been several times throughout the years where I have almost stopped blogging.  I enjoy blogging, but I don’t enjoy discouraging anyone.  It seems as though my blog has done the latter more times than I’d like to admit.

Some have looked at our plans or what we are doing and have felt discouraged because they weren’t doing similar things.  I ask myself why? Is my way better?  What I do works for me and my kids, but everyone is unique.  Do your own thing.  Be yourself.

I have a high internal drive and a copious amount of energy toward all things homeschooling.  Homeschooling energizes me.  We didn’t start homeschooling because something wasn’t working with a typical school environment.  Homeschooling was something that I planned to do from the beginning – even before my first child was born.  I find it relaxing and enjoyable.  That doesn’t mean it is always easy though – far from it.

I am selective in what I share on this blog and on Facebook.  This isn’t because I want to give a fake image, but because of two reasons.  First of all, I respect my children’s privacy.  I’m not going to publicly share anything negative about them unless it in the context of a child overcoming adversity.  In other words, the negative would be mentioned in the context of a positive ending.  So if my child is having a bad morning and throwing a fit, I will not mention it at all.  I know my child would not want others to know about that.  I often ask my kids if I can take a picture of something they are doing to share it.  Sometimes the answer is no and I’m fine with that.  Another reason I’m selective in what I share is because I believe that my words are important.  I believe in positive-thinking and tend to avoid speaking negatively.

There are so many negative things I could share and talk about at length.  Our lives are not full of rainbows and sunshine.  That isn’t anyone’s reality.  Our lives are real.  With an abundant amount of overexcitabilities in this house, things can get quite difficult at times.

So please, reader of blogs or Pinterest or Facebook, realize that what you see is a piece of something and not the whole.  You will often see the strengths and not the weaknesses.  When I avoid sharing negatives, it isn’t because I’m not being real.  I’m choosing to be positive for my children’s sake most of all and because I believe that being positive is the best way to view life.

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  1. I have enjoyed your blog since I discovered it a few years ago, and always appreciate your detailed plans and resources. It is an absolute mistake to compare ourselves or our children, whether in regard to homeschooling or any other aspect of life. Let’s take away what’s useful and helpful, and encourage one another!

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