Kindergarten Writing Sample

My five year old is using the Write About Me book this year as a tool to express his thoughts on paper. He typically completes about 2 pages per week, but would like it if I gave him more to do.

Below you will see pictures of his work in the Write About Me book. I wrote the interpretation of his writing below each picture. I do use a whole language method for writing at my son’s age. I typically don’t correct his grammar or spelling or punctuation. If he asks me how to spell a word I usually tell him to try and sound it out. Sometimes I can read what he writes, but I usually have him read it to me so I know for sure what he wrote.

My favorite toy or game is Hot Wheels.   I like it because it’s fancy and it has wheels.   My favorite book or story is when God made the Heavens and Earth.

Write about your picture. Because space and God.

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