Lazy Crazy Summer Days

Our summer days may not be filled with soda, and pretzels, and beer, but they are lazy with a little bit of crazy thrown in.  During our summer break we are unschooling.  For unschooling I simply provide access to educational materials.  I’m not requiring any reading or that they even look at the materials.   Every day is different, but this morning our time went something like this:

8 year old:  Completed several origami projects from a book he borrowed from the library yesterday.  Then watched a IMAX DVD on gorillas.

6 year old:  Had fun looking through an arts and crafts book he borrowed from the library yesterday and made several projects.  He also came up with some of his own including this crazy one:

2 year old:  Danced to the Wiggles and played with an uppercase and lowercase ABC puzzle.

I wonder what this afternoon will bring?

I wish you all lazy crazy summer days!  Careful, this tune is catchy!

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