Learning the sounds of Arabic

For our Arabic language studies we are focusing on learning the sounds of the various letters in Arabic. I am using Alif Baa. Alif Baa is a curriculum designed for the older learner so I am adapting this program for the boys. The curriculum comes with a DVD and it gives the pronunciation of every letter of the alphabet so you have an audio and visual cue. This past week we did a fun activity. I clicked on a letter on the DVD and the boys listened to the audio presentation of the letter. They then went to a wall of Arabic letters and tried to figure out the correct letter.
Once they had an idea of the letter they each wrote it on their side of the easel.
If they were the first to answer correctly they scored a point. If the answer was incorrect then they had to hop from one end of the room to the other and then try again until someone wrote down the correct answer. It was fun and it gave them practice writing Arabic as well. We are still in the introduction portion of the Alif Baa curriculum. Hopefully we will start on lesson one before the end of the school year.

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