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Literature List

Next school year we will spend a great deal of time on literature as a way to develop language arts skills.  My son will read eight different books from classic literature and he will listen to me read eight different books to him.  I have chosen these books to suit him.  He is a younger reader, but is ready for more complex books so I needed to find books that were more appropriate for his maturity level.  I ran most of these books by my son giving him a synopsis to see if he was interested in the story and even had him read a paragraph or two to see if it was easy or difficult to read.  Here is the planned list for next school year.  I haven’t decided on the particular order just yet, but will likely order them according to the lexile level or the grade level.

Reading Books

Alice In Wonderland – 12 chapters  – Grade Level: 5.9  Lexile Level: 860
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – 47 chapters – Grade Level: 4.7  Lexile Level: 1030
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ – 550 pages, 5-10 pg chapters, Grade Level: 10  Lexile Level: 990 
The Hobbit – 19 chapters – 12-15 page chapters, Grade Level: 8.1  Lexile Level: 1000
A Christmas Carol – 5 chapters, 25 page chapters, Grade Level 7   Lexile Level: 1080
The Pearl – 90 pages, Grade Level 5.4  Lexile Level: 1010
The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells – 28 chapters, 5-6 pg chapters, Grade Level: 7.1  Lexile Level 980
Uncle Tom’s Cabin – 45 chapters, 10 page chapters, Grade Level: 7.5
Read Alouds
Kim 15 chapters, Grade Level 10  Lexile Level: 940
Moby-Dick  135 chapters, Grade Level:  n/a  Lexile Level: 1200
Helen Keller: The Story of My Life 23 chapters, Grade Level: 7.9  Lexile Level 1100
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 42 chapters, Grade Level 5.9  Lexile Level 810
Ring of Bright Water 14 chapters, 200 pages, Grade Level 7.3  Lexile Level 1490
Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington Grade Level 9  Lexile Level 1320
The Prince and the Pauper  34 chapters, 4-8 pg chapters, Grade Level 8.4  Lexile Level: 1160

To find out the grade level and lexile level I used two different websites.  To find the grade level I used the Scholastic website.  I typed in the name of the book and it gave me a grade level.   To find the lexile level I went to lexile.com.   Lexile levels look at how difficult the book is to comprehend, sentence length, and word frequency.  If you compare the grade level with the lexile level you will find some discrepancies.  I think if you consider both measures along with your child’s interest in the book you can find the right fit.

We will also enjoy watching movies after we read the book.  While not every book has been made into a movie, it will give an added dimension with a touch of film analysis to our studies.

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