Making a DNA model out of candy

Making a DNA Model out of Candy

We dipped a little into a study of genetics this school year and we had a little fun with a DNA model.  We used Twizzlers, gummy bears, and toothpicks to make our model and some labels on toothpicks to identify the bases.  We used this site (sorry, link is no longer working) as a guide for our model.


First we separated the gummy bears into the four colors we needed for the model.  We then put the gummy bears on the toothpicks according to the pattern listed on the website.


We then attached the Twizzler strands onto both ends of the toothpicks.


The Twizzlers are flexible so we were able to twist the model to look like a DNA strand.


We wrote the names of bases on label paper and attached the paper to the toothpicks.  We then labelled the bases with our little toothpick tags.


Here is the finished model.  It was yummy too!

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