Making an Ocean Pie

Making an Ocean PieWe started out study of the ocean today and to start it off we made an ocean pie. The focus today was understanding how much of the earth is covered with water. To do that we did an activity from Awesome Ocean Science and made an ocean pie.

First we traced the pie plate.tracing

Then we divided the traced pie into ten equal pieces.dividing

We then talked about how much of the earth is made up out of water. We planned to make 3/10 pieces as land and 7/10 pieces as water to represent the earth’s water/land ratio. We then moved on to preparing the pie. We first made the graham cracker crust using graham crackers, butter, and sugar.crust

While the crust was baking we made the cream cheese filling using the recipe in the Awesome Ocean Science book.mixing

Once the cream cheese mixture was ready we spread it onto the cooked pie crust.spreading

Finally we put blueberry pie filling on the cream cheese topping to represent the water and cherry pie filling to represent the land.
The recipe in the book called for fresh blueberries and strawberries. It would have been better that way, but we went with pie filling because the berries aren’t in season right now. This was a fun activity that will help kids remember the earth’s land and water ratio.ocean pie

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