Mammal classification at the local zoo

This school year we are learning about mammals with a focus on classification as part of our science studies.  After we study an order or a couple orders of animals we take advantage of our zoo membership and head out to the zoo and find the animals from the orders we have studied.  We went earlier this week on a unusually cold day for this time of the year.  As a result very few people were at the zoo that day.  We live next to one of the largest zoos in the world when you look at the acreage.  Some parts of the zoo are only accessible after much walking and the zoo “train” does not run this time of year.  So we picked a couple areas of the zoo and went in search of Carnivora, Chiroptera, and Edentata animals.  The Chiroptera (bats) were unavailable because the were redoing that part of the zoo.  We ran out of time before we made it to the one Edentata (sloth) species at the zoo.  But we did see plenty of Carnivores especially from the Felidae (cat) and Ursidae (bear) families.  On the next trip we will have to add Chiroptera and Edentata back to our list.  

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