A Typical Day with Mathematical Reasoning Curriculum

A Typical Day with Mathematical Reasoning CurriculumI discovered the Mathematical Reasoning curriculum over a year ago. In Kindergarten I used Horizon math and my son hated it. By the end of his Kindergarten year I discovered that he learned best by thinking and analyzing. When I discovered that I went off on an internet search to see what other curriculum there was out there. I stumbled across Critical Thinking’s website. I viewed their samples and went for it.

Math is no longer hated! It isn’t his favorite subject, but Critical Thinking’s math is a perfect fit for him.

The Critical Thinking math curriculum covers all areas of math with colorful, varied, and interesting pages. It does not contain page after page of your standard math problems. Word problems are everywhere. Today my 7 year old did 4 pages in the 2nd grade math book Mathematical Reasoning Level C. Those four pages dealt with measuring, estimating, fractions, geometry, and patterns.  Come take a peek into what my son’s math was like today.

Mathematical Reasoning 1

These are the first two pages. For the first page my son was supposed to measure his chair and write down how many inches it was as well as estimate the nearest foot.

mathematical reasoning 2


Here he is measuring his chair.

mathematical reasoning 3


These are the remaining 2 pages. On the first page he had to estimate how many beans were in a jar that would fit 100 beans. At the bottom he had to estimate how many thirds were in one cup. On the second page he had to divide each shape into 8 symmetrical pieces and then create a pattern by coloring it.

mathematical reasoning 4

Creating the patterns with colored pencils.

I already have the third grade book ready for him as soon as he finishes this one. I love how it relates math to everyday life. At this point the curriculum only goes up to third grade. I’m hoping they come out with at least one or two more years.

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