Modern World History for High School

My oldest completed a modern world history study several years ago. This year my 16 year old will be completing this study. I am updating and revising it to suit him.

This is a world history course, but it contains more US history than other countries. I’ve combined readings, documentaries, and writing to create a 1 credit history course.  The workload is approximately 180 hours of work.

Because I want to emphasize thinking and understanding, I’ve opted for writing assignments rather than tests.  While I’ve assigned one research paper, the rest of the papers assigned are opinion papers.  I’ve used a textbook to organize our topics, but the bulk of time will be spent reading other books and watching documentaries.

I have it organized into 2 week chunks. They don’t need to be completed in that time frame, but it will help him pace himself.

These are the books used in our study:

Weeks 1-2

Weeks 3-4

Weeks 5-6

Weeks 7-8

Weeks 9-10

Weeks 11-12

Weeks 13-14

Weeks 15-16

Weeks 17-18

Week 19-20

Week 21-22

Week 23-24

Week 25-26

Week 27-28

Week 29-30

 Week 31-32

Week 33-34

Week 35-36

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