Mollusks Study – Part 2 of our Invertebrates Study

Mollusks Unit Study

Here is another section of our Invertebrates study.  The first part on Sponges and other minor phyla can be found here.

Mollusks – Animal Kingdom by Ruth Miller (Bolded sections are portions from the book that are listed chronologically)

Phylum Mollusca

  1. Read Introducing Mollusks pg 4-5
  2. Read Mollusk Life Cycle and Behavior pg 6-7
  3. Read Feeding Methods pg 8-9
  4. Read Mollusk Classes pg 10-13
  5. Read Class Gastropoda pg 14-15
  6. Read Subclass Prosobranchia pg 16-17
  7. Order Archaegastropoda (bipectinate gills)
    1. Watch Abalone farm
    2. Watch Conehead snail
    3. Watch Keyhole Limpet
    4. Watch Common Limpet
    5. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 16-43
  8. Order Mesogastropoda (monopectinate gills)
    1. Watch Marsh Periwinkle Snails experiment
    2. Watch Moon Snail
    3. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 44-155
  9. Order Neogastropoda (monopectinate gills with siphon and siphonal canal)
    1. Watch Lightning Whelk
    2. Watch Whelk Egg Case
    3. Watch Helmet Shell attacking sea urchin
    4. Watch Cone Shell
    5. Watch Tulip Shell
    6. Watch Crown Conch
    7. Watch Life Cycle of a Conch
    8. Watch Crown Conch feeding on oyster
    9. Watch Lettered Olive shell
    10. Watch Lettered Olive on the move
    11. Watch Queen Conch
    12. Watch Oyster Drill
    13. Watch Dog Whelk Adaptation
    14. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 156-297
  1. Read SubClass Opisthobranchia pg 18-19 (no shell or internal shell, bilaterally symmetrical)
    1.  Watch Nudibranches (sea slugs)
    2. Watch Nudibranch attacking anemone
    3. Watch Hairy Sea Hare
    4. Watch California Sea Hare
    5. Watch Side-Gilled Slug
  1. Read SubClass Pulmonata pg 20-21 (no gills, land dwelling, mantle cavity forms “lung”)
    1. Read Nature Close-up Snails and Slugs by Elaine Pascoe
    2. Watch garden snail
    3. Watch how to care for African land snails
    4. Watch Leatherleaf Slug
    5. Watch Leopard Slug mating
    6. Watch Banana Slug eating
    7. Search yard for garden snails
    8. Complete snail lab with garden snails
    9. Complete How Much do snails eat on pg 34-35 of Nature Close-up Snails and Slugs by Elaine Pascoe
  1.  Read Class Bivalvia pg 22-25 (2 shells – valves- hinged together, no head)
  2. SubClass Pteriomorpha
    1. Watch Bivalve Ark Shell
    2. Watch Bivalve shape
    3. Watch Blue Mussel timelapse
    4. Watch Mussel species in Maine
    5. Watch Mussel farm
    6. Watch Mussel water flow and feeding
    7. Watch pen shell hunting
    8. Watch pen shells bissal threads
    9. Watch Getting pearls out of an oyster
    10. Watch pearl making process
    11. Watch pearl farming documentary and
    12. Watch scallops swimming
    13. Watch how to open and clean scallops
    14. Watch oysters filtering water
    15. Watch oyster farming
    16. Watch thorny oyster face
    17. Watch thorny oyster in the sea
  3. SubClass Heraodonta
    1. Watch digging for cockles
    2. Watch giant cockle walking
    3. Read Giant Clam pg 26-27
    4. Watch giant clams
    5. Watch search for giant clams
    6. Watch surf clam
    7. Watch water flow in clam
    8. Watch how to dig a razor clam
    9. Watch razor clam burrowing
    10. Watch razor clam walking
    11.  Watch catch a razor clam
    12. Watch sunray Venus clam
    13. Watch paddock and other creatures
    14. Watch larvae shipworm settlement
    15. Watch ship worms
    16. Clam anatomy lab activity as seen here
    17. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 300-311
  1. Watch Secrets of the Sea Series
  2. Read Class Celphalopoda pg 28-29 (head-foot)
  3. Read Order Octopoda pg 30-31
    1. Read Octopus by Rebecca Stefoff
    2. Watch finned octopus
    3. Watch Cirrate octopus (finned)
    4. Watch Dumbo octopus (finned)
    5. Watch Pancake Devilfish (finned)
    6. Watch Common Octopus
    7. Watch Carribean Reef Octopus
    8. Watch Blue Ringed Octopus
    9. Watch Veined Octopus
    10. Watch Giant Pacific Octopus
    11. Watch Giant Pacific Octopus and Shark
    12. Watch Mimic Octopus
  4. Order Vampyromorphida
    1. Watch Vampire Squid from Hell
    2. Watch Vampire Squid Threatened
  5. Read Order Sepioda pg 32
    1. Watch Cuttlefish Chameleons of the Sea
    2. Watch Cuttlefish Camouflage
    3. Watch Angry Cuttlefish
    4. Watch Cuttlefish Mating Rituals
  6. Read Order Teuthoida pg 33
    1. Read Secrets of the Animal World: Giant Squid Monsters of the Deep by Eulalia Garcia
    2. Watch Squid Invasion
    3. Watch Giant Squid
    4. Watch Giant Squid
    5. Watch Jet Propulsion Locomotion in Squid
    6. Watch Humboldt Squid
    7. Invertebrate Lab Activity – Squid races as seen here
  7. Read Order Nautilida pg 34-35
    1. Watch Nautilus
    2. Watch Nautilus feeding
    3. Watch Fibronacci sequence
    4. Watch Fibronacci fractals
    5. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 312
    6. Draw pictures of a nautilus.
  8. Read Class Aplacophorans pg 36
    1. Read Aplacophorans
  9. Read Class Monoplacophorans pg 37
    1. Watch Monoplacophoran fossil
    2. Read Monoplacophorans
    3. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 313
  10. Read Class Polyplacophorans pg 37
    1. Watch Chitons
    2. Watch Types of Chitons
    3. Watch Chiton moving
    4. Watch Gumboot Chiton spawning
    5. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 313
  11. Read Class Scaphopods pg 37
    1. Read
    2. View
    3. Watch Dancing Shells – use by Native Americans
    4. Read Guide to Seashells of the World pg 313
  12. Read Mollusks Under Threat pg 38-39
  13. Read Protecting Mollusks pg 40-41

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