Mosaic Tile Art

The other day we completed a mosaic tile art project for part of our unit study on Italy.  My boys were not familiar with mosaic art so we went on the internet and viewed different types of mosaic art.  They were quite amazed with what people were able to do with little tiles.

To get started I provided my boys with a piece of white paper.  Ahead of time I had cut up several different colors of construction paper into little squares.  To make it fun I also included some tin foil cut up in little squares.  I smeared my six year old’s paper with glue and gave the glue to my eight year old.  I gave my boys instructions that they could make whatever they wanted.

As they created I played some Italian music from Youtube.  This was their favorite song:

We also figured out a great way to make the toddler dance on cue. Play this song!

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