Mud Walk

We have had a lot of rain this spring.  Lots of rain means lots of mud.  When we were visiting family recently we took advantage of all the mud and took a walk around the gardens and farm areas.  The idea was to get a whole bunch of mud on our boots and then scrape it off and place it in a cup and see what grows.  Let me tell you this was one messy project!  The ground was wet so walking through the gardens on the grass ended up continually cleaning the mud off our boots.  Then we walked by the field that was cleared for planting.  The edge of the field had huge mounds of mud.  This was the kind of mud that can suck the boot right off of you!  We trounced through the mud awhile and then had the challenge of making it back to the house without mud coming off in the grass.   Once we made it back to the house and changed into mud-free clothes I took on the chore of scraping the mud off of the boots.  I put each child’s mud into a baggie so we could compare and see who had the most seeds hidden in his mud.  A day or two later I took each child’s mud and placed it in a cup and watered it a little.  Then the challenge was on.  Who would have the most seeds grow?  Pretty soon every cup had something growing.  There wasn’t too much different between each cup, but my younger son and I showed a little more growth than the other two cups.  Now we just have to wait to see what kind of plants these sprouts become.

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  1. that is such a nifty idea what you did with the mud on your boots! a round of applause to you!
    when my kids were younger we would take a roll of masking tape and cut off a length of the tape to make a bracelet on each child’s hand; and then we would go on a nature walk and anything they would see that they liked they would put on their bracelet tape to bring back home! oh what fun we had 🙂

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