Musical Art Activity

Art is fun!  Many years ago I stumbled on a unique idea that combines art, music, and active little kids.  It takes the concept of musical chairs and adapts it slightly.

How to play

  1. Set up stations with paper, paint, paintbrushes, and cups of water.  I did five stations for 2 kids and that worked quite well.
  2. Get music ready to play.  We were studying Italy at the time so I had Italian opera ready to play.
  3. Instruct the kids that they are to put their artistic touch on each paper as they hear the music play.  When the music stops they must move to the next paper.
  4. Start the fun!  They made several trips around the table by the time we finished.
  5. Look at the finished products and decide what you like or don’t like about them.

My kids were having so much fun, I captured a bit of it on video.

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