Musical Drawing – Vote for your favorite

Yesterday we did a variation on the musical watercolor painting activity we did here.  Instead of using paints my boys used various drawing tools like crayons and markers.  I set up six stations around the table and had the boys start at opposite ends of the table.  When the music sounded they started drawing anything they wanted.  Of course we had Italian opera music on again because we are currently studying the country of Italy for geography.  When the music stopped they had to stop whatever they were drawing and move to the next station.  This continued until they moved around the table several times each.  Once the activity was completed I had the boys get together to name the drawings.  Let us know your favorite in the comment section.  The titles are listed underneath each drawing.

The Tornado

Bad Alien Design

Scaredy Spider

Ship and Car Crash

Crash City
The Roblox Storm


  1. Hi Tyler and Megan!

    Elijah and Luke worked on both pictures. They had about a minute to draw before moving on to the next picture. They had about 3-4 turns on each picture. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  2. Hi Elijah and Luke ,

    We enjoyed looking at all your pictures.
    Tyler and Megan are here this week and they looked at the pictures too and then we voted on our favourite one …all of us voted for the Bad Alien Design so that’s 3 votes …good job, not sure who drew that one.

    Tyler thinks both Elijah and Luke should draw a picture together …so it would be even cooler !

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