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My Kids Teach Me How to Homeschool

My Kids Teach Me How to HomeschoolI learn the most about how to homeschool my kids from my kids.

Recently, I gave my child an assignment that was taking f o r e v e r to complete.  Thinking that the child was spending a lot of time daydreaming, I told this kid to go a little faster.

Later, I went over the assignment to see how my child did.  The first 3/4 of the assignment were done well with little errors.  Then the last 4th of the assignment was mostly incorrect.  There was a marked difference in between the two sections.  So I asked my kid about the difference and I was told that it was because I had said to hurry up.

So that daydreaming wasn’t actually daydreaming, but the child processing the questions in a pace that worked.

Lesson learned for this homeschooling mom!

What lessons have your children taught you?


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