Preparing for the School Year

Today was the day we were supposed to start school.   The kids are itching to start.  Alas, I’m still in planning mode.  

I plan the entire school year in the summer.  If I have to plan during the school year, I end up having very little free time.  Heading into the school year with lesson plans done makes a huge difference in our school days.  

I must admit that I don’t do things the easy way.  I like to make up curriculum for many different subjects and mesh several different resources for one subject.   While it takes longer to put together it is much easier to implement something that is designed for your child.

I am putting together weekly lesson plans this year for each child.  Here is an example of one child’s mid-year weekly lesson plan.  I’m writing out everything to accomplish during that week for each subject.  Some things are done independently and others collectively.

This is one of my 4th grader’s week.


Language Arts


Didn’t finish this one yet!  We are looking at all the different mammal orders with a focus on classification.  We are using a variety of books, DVDs, and online resources.


Physical Science

  • Physical Science in Action DVD – Characteristics of Waves
  • Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest Chapters 4-6
  • Reflection and Refraction of Light DCTTS Activity 69
  • Lesson 21:  Kepler’s Three Laws




  • Music Ace Lesson : any 2 lessons with numbers under 6
  • Mel Bay Guitar pg 13-14
  • 15 minutes guitar practice
  • 15 minutes practice
  • 15 minutes practice
  • 15 minutes practice
  • 15 minutes practice

Music Appreciation

  • Watch U2 Documentary
  • I Will Follow
  • 1981 Gloria /watch?v=DHZbZAy9fUg
  • 1983 October
  • 1984 Pride in the Name of Love 1984




Lesson 5 5.1 pages 5-2 through 5-4 /ntgreek/lesson5/lesson5.pdf – We ended up switching to Athenaze.


  • 30 min run with toddler music
  • 30 min run with Arabic music
  • 30 min run with math music
  • 30 min run with praise and worship music
  • Weigh and measure
  • 1 hour active play
  • 1 hour active play
  • 1 hour active play
  • 1 hour active play
  • 1 hour active play


  1. For music appreciation I use a mix between modern music and classical music. For classical music I use Connect the Thoughts studies. For modern music I just put the song selection together. This year we are learning about Bach, Handel, Mendelssohn, the Beatles, U2, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

  2. Where do you get your ideas for music appreciation?

  3. I enjoy reading you blog via google reader and would like to invite you to participate in a homeschool meme.
    You can get the questions from our blog post here
    where I’ve tagged you. 😀

  4. It’s great that the kids are keen to start 🙂

    Looks like a big job planning … best wishes!

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