On schedule

I think this is our first school year that we have been on schedule.   I guess it took me about 6 years to get it right.  The first year of homeschooling I only ended up schooling my son about half of the school year.  The second half was very relaxed and unschoolingish.  The second school year we moved to Canada and that big move put us off track.  The third and fourth school years we moved as well.  Last school year we started late because I wasn’t ready due to the 4th school year finishing late.  This school year we started on time and are on track to be done a week early!!  We will have a week break next month too.  We started back a week earlier after Christmas and will take that week off in February so we can have more family time when my husband comes back from a few weeks in Asia.

Life is busy!  I’ve made several changes this year and am currently engaging in a big project regarding our future schooling.  I’ll share more once it is done.

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