Our Homeschool Room

I’ve been meaning to go over our homeschool set up since the move, but I didn’t get pictures taken until today.  This is the third place we have lived since we started homeschooling and it is the first place where we don’t have a room that is primarily for homeschooling.  I have found it to be easier to homeschool in our main living space.  Sure it is nice to walk out of a room and not have to put everything away at the end of a school day, but the benefits of schooling in a living space are worth it.  I am right next to the kitchen and the laundry so I can carry on with those activities while my kids are working.

Here is our main work area.  It is a simple table with chairs that do not fold.  I know from experience that folding chairs are not a good choice for little boys!    Here the boys do all workbook type of work, spelling, art, special projects, and have access to the internet.  The internet is used for praise and worship, health, science, history, and geography.  Right next to the table is a comfy couch were the boys often go to hear books being read aloud.  They usually read to me at the table or the couch depending on what the toddler is doing.  Oh, the TV is in the room too so the boys can watch their Storykeepers videos and play Wii.

This is their school computer.  It is across the room from the main work area.  Here they do computer programs like Rosetta Stone, Music Ace Deluxe, Instant Immersion Arabic, Singapore Math CD-ROM Rainbow Rock, and Roller Typing.

This is pretty much my main work area.  I have the boy’s schedule on a clipboard.  I have large cardboard displays for the Arabic alphabet and the Greek alphabet.  I pretty much keep all the necessary items here that we use each week. I have a bunch more school items stored in another room.  I have a fold-up easel in the corner that can be used as a chalkboard if I need it.

There you have it.  This simple set up is working quite well.  Other parts of the house are not off limits for schooling because schooling can happen anywhere.  But the pictured areas are where things normally take place.

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