Our Homeschool Room

Our school room is finally ready. It had better be since we start our first day of school tomorrow. Our room isn’t anything fancy or a room where you will get decorating ideas, but we are blessed to have this space to learn together. Here is a little tour. Please note that 3 active kids combined with a bunch of learning and playing means that this room is not in this state often.

Overview looking toward the main work area.  I have two tables together in a corner where two kids will work and I will sit between them.  Most of my time will involve working with two kids at once.  Facing the wall helps cut down on distractions.  My oldest son’s main work area is at the white table.  

Just a little closer look.  I have some of the workbooks and schoolbooks in file towers and a laptop that only works to play DVDs.  We need one handy for foreign language DVD playing.

Here is a closer look at my son’s area.  He has a neat history timeline on the wall.

The couch is a great place to work and a comfy place to read together.  My daughter has a chalkboard down low and a bit of sidewalk chalk to create pictures.  On top is a little whiteboard that I sometimes use to write the daily plans.  I wrote our plans for the first day of school.  The first day of school is mostly a fun day for us.  We will be doing a water balloon fight, making pizzas, opening presents (new school games and materials), doing bubble labs with the new Zome kit, and watching a movie.  On the tall table I will have a 1000 piece periodic table puzzle that my kids can work on when they are interested.  You probably also see a large blank space on the wall above the couch and stretching over to the tables.  This will be a place were we will place pages from a Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book to create our own periodic table.

One exercise area.  Behind there is a big closet that holds our games and lots of books.  The armoire also holds lots of current school books.  The Mandarin characters on the door are ones my daughter is learning.

Here is a little table where my daughter loves to spend her time drawing.  I have a markable world map above this area as well as a calender.  She will make changes in the calender and color in countries that she will learn about in her studies of cultures around the world.

This area contains the treadmill and computer.  The boys have to run 1.5 miles each day.  The computer is often used by someone for typing, writing, internet, computer programming, or something else.

Standing by the tables looking across the room.  The room is long, but rather narrow.

This is my planning notebook.  I have every subject planned out that isn’t just-do-the-next-page subject.  I tend to prefer combining different resources so I have lots of subjects planned out and have them in page protectors to keep them organized better.

Here is an example of a course that I put together using a textbook and labs from a variety of sources.

Here is an up close version of the cultures study for my daughter.  We will just go down the list chronologically until we are done.

I’m excited to start our 7th year of homeschooling tomorrow.  We are doing a year-round schedule for the first time.


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  2. That’s a great space and well planned, it seems. I hope you have a great year.

  3. LOVED the tour of your learning room! VERY functional! I love it. You have me thinking about converting my big empty, finished basement into a learning room, even though I’m not really a basement person.. 🙂

    I’d love to learn how you plan your units… I’ve taken a peek at several of your unit studies and they are very complete, rigorous and yet have some neat, fun elements…very impressive. This is an area of weakness of mine…. I tend to borrow ideas from others and then tweak as I see fit.


    • Thanks Trace! Usually when I plan the units now I take a look at what my library has on the topic and then check out the books before deciding which ones I want to use. Once I decide on the books I fill it in with videos (I really like using videos) and activities. I try to create a plan that is engaging for my kids so when I put something together I keep in mind what I think they will enjoy. The internet is my friend. I get so many ideas from others too 🙂

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