Our Unit Studies for the 2015-2016 School Year

Our Unit Studies 2015-2016As an eclectic homeschooler, I like to combine different resources into a study that is designed to engage my children.  Over the years we have done many studies and they have become my children’s favorite part of school.  I must admit that they are my favorite thing too.

I like to post our studies directly on the blog.  Sometimes they have been helpful to other families looking for resources, but listing them on the blog makes it easy for my kids to click the links to the videos and know what comes next in their study.

This year we have 14 different studies going, but not all happen at the same time.  I’ve briefly described each study.  If interested, you can click on the link that will take you to that study on the blog.

For the 2015-2016 school year I am schooling an 8th grader, 6th grader, and 2nd grader.  Some studies are designed for just one child and others for more than one child.  I’ve listed who is doing the study in the parenthesis.

Financial Literacy study (8th grader)

This study is designed to help my child learn to handle money.  It covers things like budgeting, cost of living, saving money, loans, and looking to the future.  It uses a book, apps, and online resources.

Early Modern World History (8th and 6th grader)

This is one that we are finishing up from last school year.  It covers the Renaissance up through the early 1900s.  We are using a textbook as  spine, but most of the time is spent watching documentaries.

Modern World History (8th and 6th grader)

Our Modern World History study covers WWI up through current times with documentaries organized around a textbook.  My 8th grader is also reading an additional book.  As with the other history study, the bulk of the time is spent watching documentaries.

Tarbuck Earth Science (8th grader, but 6th grader also watches videos)

I’ve taken Tarbuck’s Earth Science textbook and found tons of great science documentaries to go along with the topics in the textbook.  My son will be reading the textbook and then watching the videos on the list.

Conceptual Physics (8th grader)

For this class, I’ve combined several resources.  He reads the textbook, watches Hewitt Drew It videos on the chapter topics on Youtube, does online simulations, and then completes some of the textbook chapter questions.

Miller-Levine Biology (8th grader)

This course combines the Miller-Levine e-text with labs.  While this one doesn’t really have clickable links, it is helpful for him to know what comes next in his study and when a lab is scheduled.

Africa Unit Studies (8th, 6th, and 2nd grader)

We started studying different countries in Africa last school year.  We just have two to finish up this school year.  For this study I’ve combined books, videos, and hands-on activities.

Central and South America Unit Studies (8th, 6th, and 2nd grader)

Globe Trekker videos are the main resource used in this study.  We will also be doing a cookie cake map, reading books, making a meal from the designated country, coloring a flag, and each child will choose to do an individual project.

Nutrition and Fitness (8th and 6th grader with some participation by 2nd grader)

This is another carryover from last year that we didn’t finish (notice a pattern here?).  We tend to have lots of things going at once.  It keeps every day different.  This study uses a textbook as a spine and adds in videos and activities.

Microbiology Unit Study (6th grader, but 8th grader also watches videos)

I’ve combined several different books, videos, and hands-on science explorations around topics in microbiology.  My son started it in 5th grade and should finish it this school year.

CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Science (6th grader, but 8th grader also watches videos)

CPO is a textbook-based curriculum that also teaches through science investigations.  I’ve taken the science investigations that often require expensive equipment and adapted or changed or substituted them with something that will work for our homeschool.  In addition, I’ve added in a bunch of videos on the topics covered in the textbook.

Magic School Bus Unit Study (2nd grader)

This study uses all of the Magic School Bus episodes to briefly cover many different areas of science.  After an episode is watched, we read book or two on the topic before we do some sort of related activity.  My daughter started this one in 1st grade and will finish it this school year.

Story of the World Ancient Times Supplements (2nd grader)

We are using the Story of the World 1 audiobook and taking what we like from the Activity Manual.  To that, I’ve added in some videos and activities that my daughter would like.  We are going at a relaxed pace taking several years to go through one book.

Fun with English Study (2nd grader)

My 2nd grader requested this study that explores the fun aspects of English.  She will get to create her own alphabet, play around with acronyms, talk in Pig Latin, and invent her own dessert.  It is based around the Word Snoop book.  I’ve simply added in videos and activities.

Art Appreciation (2nd grader)

This study is designed to introduce my art-lover to some famous artists and give her a chance to practice some of their methods.  I’ve used books, videos, and activities to cover 9 well-known artists.


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