Pin the Bone on the Skeleton

Pin the Bone on the SkeletonIf you have been looking for an activity that will bring out the wildness in your kids – this may be the one.  Playing pin the bone on the skeleton was a fun way to reinforce where different bones in your body are located.

To start I had my 2 year old lay down on a large sheet of wrapping paper.  I then traced her.  Well, I traced her as roughly as I could trace a wiggly two year old.  I then hung up the wrapping paper and gathered the bones we used for our Skeleton Relay.

I tied a blindfold on one child and put a “bone” in his hand.  I then spun him around and let him try to find the correct spot.  Craziness and laughter ensued.

Sometimes they were close.

And other times quite far away.  But either way they had some fun and learned a little in the process.

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