Pizza Baking Competition: Please Vote for the Best Looking Pizza

My kids enjoy baking so I’ve incorporated some baking competitions into our school year.  The competition isn’t just a fun way to learn how to bake some new things, but it is a great way to practice gracefully winning or losing.

Earlier this week they each made a pizza.  The crust and sauce had to be made from scratch and each child had to use a different recipe.  I had them all bake the pizza using the same pan so it would be easier to compare for appearance.

We have a winner for the tasting portion of the contest (to be announced later), but we need to declare a winner for the appearance.   Please vote on the best looking pizza.  You can write your vote in the comment section below or leave us a note on our Facebook page.

Number 1:  Meat Lover’s Pizza

Number 2:  Hawaiian Pizza
Number 3:  Three Cheese Pizza
Please vote in the comment section below 🙂  Votes will be accepted through the 12th of November.  Thanks for your votes!  


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  2. The pepperoni looks fantastic!

  3. They all look great! I’d vote for all of them if I could but I’ll go with #1. It looks yummy!

  4. #1 – pepperoni just looks good on a pizza. And I notice curled up crispy edges on the pepperoni…nothing better than crispy edged pepperoni!

  5. I am going to vote for the Hawaiian pizza. Visually, I think it is the most appealing, but all of the pizzas look delicious and I am sure they tasted fantastic!

  6. Number 1 looks the most delicious to me… 🙂 I just love this idea… question for you…. how might I implement something similar with an only child? Any thoughts?

  7. Hawaiian pizza — I can’t eat it since I keep kosher, but it looks GOOD!

  8. Visually, cheese. But I’d love a piece of any of them – they all look great!

  9. I’m going with the Hawaiian Pizza….looks like i could jump through the computer and gobble it ALL up!!!! 😀

  10. Strictly visually the cheese gets my vote. 🙂 Jen

  11. Number 2 looks good to me.

  12. I’m not a meat eater 🙂 but number 1 looks the best to me

  13. Three Cheese Pizza!!! I love Cheese…YUMMY!

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  15. The Hawaiian has my vote! Looks delicious!

  16. Number 2: Hawaiian Pizza


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