Pizza Competition Winner

The results are in and we have a winner in our pizza baking contest.  Last Tuesday each child had to make a pizza from scratch using different recipes.  They had to make their crust and sauce and come up with a combination of ingredients for the toppings.  I was there to help as needed and I provided quite a bit of help to my Kindergartner.

We had a tie for first place this time with 5 points each.  My 4th grader won first place in the tasting competition – the Meat Lover’s Pizza.  The Meat Lovers was by far everyone’s favorite one to eat and it was gone first.  In second place for taste was the Hawaiian Pizza.  The voting for appearance was extremely close with the Meat Lover’s getting 62 votes and the Hawaiian getting 65 votes.

Making crust for Meat Lover’s Pizza.
 Making crust for the Hawaiian Pizza.

Coming in third place this time was my Kindergartner.  She received a total of 2 points.  She made a delicious sauce and was the only sauce that involved the stove.  She received a total of 46 votes for appearance.

You can see pictures of their completed pizzas here.  They are already planning what they will make for their next two competitions.  Our next competition for yeast bread will be next week.  A pie competition is planned for right before Christmas so we will get to enjoy their pies for the holiday.

The points are being totaled to give us a overall winner for the school year.  The results thus far:

6th grader:  14 points
4th grader:  10 points
Kindergartner:  13 points

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