Planning and organizing different resources

Usually during the summer I prepare for the different subjects each child will have.  Some subjects are quite simple and you just do the next thing, but others involve several different resources or books that aren’t laid out quite so easy.  I like to have things that are open and go for our day to day schooling, so I put together a chronological list of the more involved subjects for each child.  Once completed I put each list in a page protector and we cross things off as they are completed.  
Here are some current lists:
This one is for the New Practical Chinese Reader book.  I organized how I wanted to handle each chapter incorporating the different elements.  With the exception of writing characters we stay on a section until it is mastered.  I have separate lists for both of my boys since I work with them individually and they are working at different levels.

This is how I use the French book we are using.  It took me a little while to figure out how the book and lab manual should be sequenced so I wrote it all out and we just go by this list now.  Once a part is mastered we go onto to the next one in the list.

This one is for Art of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra.  I listed in available videos for the course and put Alcumus in his list periodically.  It makes it quick and easy for my son to see what comes next.  

I use this one as a library list.  I listed all the picture book read alouds so I can have a list handy for reserving the books at the library.  I reserve about 20-30 at a time and just mark a line where I stopped reserving books.

This one is for Athenaze.  I needed to lay out the way I used this course because it involved two different books and I wanted to some way to keep track of where each child was.  I also mixed in a little Bible reading too.  
I find that having subjects laid out chronologically makes our day to day schooling much easier.  When I try to do things on the fly I end up spending too much time figuring out what we should be doing next.  I did try keeping all the page protected sheets in a notebook, but it is much easier if I have them all loose in a wall file.  I just quickly thumb through them and grab the one I need and we do the next thing on the list.  

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