Plant Cell Model Cake

My son enjoys baking so we have incorporated some baking projects into his microbiology unit study.  For this one he made a plant cell model out of cake and candy.  A little while ago he made an animal cell model out of cake too.  To start with he looked over the parts of the cell and made a shopping list of the types of candy he would need to represent the different parts of the cell.  We have a bulk food store nearby that has tons of candy.  You scoop out what you need for each candy so we can get a wide variety of candy for a not so big price.

He decided to make chocolate cake this time – with a cake mix, of course.DSCN1418


I frosted the cake for him in his choice of colors.  He wanted one main color and a darker shade on the sides.  Then he started to decorate it with the chosen candy pieces.

DSCN1428 (2)

The finished product!  The large blue object is a vacuole.  It is made out of cake pop dough dipped in chocolate.  The nucleus consists of a marshmallow nucleolus surrounded by cake pop dough (nucleus) with the nuclear membrane made from red chocolate melts.



Next up in our microbiology unit study is a look at the immune system and cells in the human body where he will be figuring out how to make an edible osteocyte.



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