Playing Hooky

Playing HookyMy boys are playing hooky today.  Well — not really.  It is kind of hard for them to get away with playing hooky when they live with their teacher!  But my kids are not doing any formal school today.

It isn’t a holiday.  It isn’t a snow day.  It isn’t any kind of special day.  It just coincides with my husband’s day off.

This is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling.  We have the flexibility to take a day off anytime we want or need.  So today my boys are hanging out with their Dad.

Today’s planned school day will not be forgotten though.  Our schedule can shift to one day later without any problems.  We often match our school schedule with my husband’s schedule.  If he is working on a Saturday then the boys usually have school on a Saturday.  This allows for more family time and family time is always a good thing.

How often do you take an unexpected day off?

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  1. How ironic. We are taking off today for different reasons. Dental issue which had us running out at 9am. We also take off if Mike is home unexpectedly. We school through July so it gives us much more time.

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