Power to the Parent

power to the parent

Homeschooling gives power to the parent.  Parents are really pretty knowledgeable creatures, after all.  They know their kids inside and out and start from a position of love.  That is a huge advantage when it comes to schooling.

Sending a child to the local school takes power out of the hands of the parents and puts it in the lap of the school.  A parent no longer has control over what is learned and how it is learned or how long it takes to learn something.  Professionals who teach your children may be excellent teachers and know quite a bit, but they don’t have your advantage.  They don’t know your kids inside and out.  They don’t start from a position of love.  They may get there and they may not.

Parents, know that you are powerful.  You can make a huge difference in your child’s life.  Remember that successful homeschooling isn’t about choosing the right curriculum or attending fancy programs, it is about a parent who cares – a parent who cares that a child is learning.

Yes, teachers care about their students.  Teachers do a pretty amazing job every school day.  But they are one individual with 25-30 kids and they are limited in how they can meet each child’s needs.

So parents, power to you.  Power to you each day.  As you sit down, drive around, run around, or relax with your kids today, remember that you have a huge advantage.  Use it.

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