Preschooler Plans

Preschool PlansWhile preschool isn’t something I’ve normally done, my little one was hungry to learn.  So I added her to our daily school routine halfway through our school year.  This isn’t something I require her to do and she tends to go through waves where some days she wants to do quite a bit and other days she is content to play all day.

Here is her general routine and what I am using for each area:

Bible StoriesThe See It and Say It Bible Storybook I like this book for  young children.  It has little pictures embedded in the text.  The child “reads” the pictures and is involved in the story.

Drawing/Coloring – I just print off pictures of interest and provide access to paper and crayons.  She does the rest.

Math – I’m using a mix of IXL and MEP 1A.  I will be switching to Singapore as soon as I purchase it.

Exercise – Dancing to a Youtube playlist.  I have a couple playlists for her to watch.  Ballet is a favorite.  The Wiggles playlist is a hit too.

Story Time – I read a couple of picture books to her.  I’m not using any specific book list for her right now.

Computer Time – She enjoys Nick Jr., Starfall, and drawing on Scratch.

Speech – We are working on correctly producing the /l/ sound right now.

Phonics – We have started working through Getting Ready to Read.  I’m primarily using it as a concept guide where we explore the concepts through play.  It should give my daughter a strong base in phonological awareness.

Free Play – She picks whatever she wants to do

Foreign Language – She watches a kid’s show in Mandarin or Arabic while having a snack.

Puzzles – Right now she does assorted puzzles with me.

Play Doh – Lots of squishy fun!

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