Professor Noggin’s Geography of Canada Card Game

Last school year I purchased Professor Noggin Geography of Canada Card Game for our unit study on Canada. We played it nearly every school day while we were studying Canada. By the end of our unit study the boys were getting most of the easy level questions correct. The card game can be played on two levels: easy or hard. The game is for age 7 and up, but my five year old was able to play if I gave him multiple choices for open ended questions. If you click on the picture below you will see examples of questions for the Ontario card. There are cards for each territory and province as well as ones like oceans, agriculture, geology, and capital cities.

The games comes with 30 cards and one die. The die is rolled to determine which question to ask.

I found Professor Noggin Geography of Canada Card Game to be a fun way to learn about the geography of Canada. Professor Noggin has a wide assortment of card games on different topics. I purchased the one on ancient history for our study on ancient cultures. I’m looking forward to trying that one out.


  1. how did they learn the answers? My kids wouldn’t know many of the answers. Do you just ask the question, then tell the answer?

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