What Kind of Homeschool Mom or Dad Are You?

1. I should follow my child's lead when it comes to learning.
2. When the weather is nice, we always head outside.
3. Learning is playing and playing is learning.
4. Lesson plans are extremely helpful for day-to-day schooling.
5. Snuggling up on the couch with a good book is one of the best parts of homeschooling.
6. I like coming up with unique projects to do with my kids.
7. Discussions with my kids are frequent and well-loved.
8. Science experiments are well-loved by all.
9. When we are done with a school day, everything is put away into its proper place.
10. Most homeschool curricula I've seen do not match my style.
11. If there is a playdate or social event, we set aside any regular work and head out.
12. We faithfully do formal school even when no one feels like it.
13. I enjoy changing things up to make them more engaging if things aren't working.
14. We all love read alouds.
15. A schedule keeps me sane.
16. I've been known to do something silly in our homeschool to lighten things up.
17. Nature studies are a natural part of our life.
18. I like doing projects with my kids.
19. I have no desire for our homeschool to be like other homeschools.
20. Hearing my children's laughter throughout the day is one of the best things about homeschooling.
21. We like using curriculum that is reading-focused (literature, read alouds, historical fiction).
22. I view my role as guiding rather than teaching.
23. If my child comes up with a creative way to complete an assignment, I'm okay with that.
24. One of the best things about homeschooling is freedom to live and learn outside a school structure.
25. We are always on the go.
26. We find a way to get all of our subjects done by the end of the school year.
27. Project-based learning is very much my style.
28. Learning doesn't involve a linear grade-level path, but a meandering journey filled with delightful hops, skips, and jumps.
29. I enjoy playing games with my kids.
30. We don't put off what we can do today.
31. Tangents are welcome in our homeschool.
32. My house is usually neat and tidy and ready for any unexpected visitor.
33. Schedules are too confining.
34. My kids are involved in several activities in the community.
35. I enjoy planning for a new school year.
36. One of the best things about homeschooling is that I get to learn along with my kids.
37. We like to visit local or national parks.
38. If we don't get something done today, this week, or this month, it isn't a big deal.
39. Field trips should be frequent.
40. I tend to spend time cleaning the house while my kids are doing schoolwork.
41. I enjoy challenge.
42. Our bookshelves are crammed and we have additional books without a home.
43. Hands-on is the best way to learn.
44. If I'm not organized, we don't get much done.
45. Reading in or under a tree is better than reading on a couch.
46. I like to bake, cook, craft, or create art with my kids.
47. If my child does an assignment and it is obvious that is was a half-try, I have my kid redo it.
48. A clean house is important to me.

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