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This school year my boys are reading real books instead of readers for their reading practice. My Kindergartener is mostly reading books from Sonlight’s Reader 1 package, but will be moving on to the Reader 2 books soon. My 2nd grade son is reading books I chose for him. I searched several book lists to find chapter books suitable for his age, interest, and skill level.

Right now my Kindergartener is reading:

A Fly Went By
Here is a brief sample of what the text of the book is like from page 50:
The man ran past

What did I hear? A bump and a thump!
It was so bad it made me jump!
I was about to run away,
But thin I saw the thing — and, SAY!

My second grader is reading Paddle-to-the-Sea. I was a little hesitant choosing this book because it seemed to be a little boring. It is about a toy canoe that travels on waterways until it gets to the sea. The book won a Caldecott Honor and my son loves reading books that are information based. So I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. My son is really enjoying the book. Here is a sample of what the text of the book is like from chapter 10.

The marsh was alive. Dragonflies and butterflies danced in the sun. Turtles lay in rows like buttons on the old logs; and frogs, frightened by stalking herons leaped in all directions. The downy babies of wild ducks pecked eagerly at bugs. Woodpeckers, kingfishers and ruffed grouse made their busy noises. A cow moose with her calf splashed in the lagoon to drive off flies.

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  1. I once taught this book to a group of fifth graders. I read it alound to them for 15 min. after lunch each day and incorporated geography and map skills into the lesson.It is a great way to review the Great Lakes.

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