Reading milestone

A couple weeks ago my daughter met a reading milestone.  She had been working through the Fun Talesbooks from Sonlight and she finished the last one.  We read each book twice before moving on to the next book.  At first we only read a couple pages in a book and as her skills increased she read more and more each time until she read the whole book in one sitting.  These books are rather short and only have around 8 pages so the whole book doesn’t take too long.

We are jumping ahead a little in our reading instruction and switching to more of a whole language approach where we are reading real books and learning new phonics skills in the context of the book.  We are going slow to start and will go a little faster as her skill level grows.  We are also working through Explode the Code workbooks.

She was excited to start her “big girl” books.  We had a little silly ceremony to celebrate the end of Fun Tales.  My daughter and I had a little fun doing the Chicken Dance together to celebrate before she looked through her new books.

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