Real Science 4 Kids: Pre-Level Chemistry Review

We like science around here. Aside from the normal outside science discovery play in Kindergarten, we had a few scheduled activities that we did.  The major part of our science time was spent with Real Science 4 Kids.

The Real Science 4 Kids: Pre-Level Chemistry has been a great fit with my kids.  I purchased this curriculum back in 2007 and have used it with all three of my kids.  I find it to be packed with real science that is understandable for a younger child.  The textbook pages have fun and colorful pictures or drawings that help explain the concepts.  The set comes with a textbook, a teacher’s manual, and a child’s lab manual.  It is quite expensive for a science curriculum for a young child.  Since I have used this one multiple times, it was money well spent.

Here, I am reading the textbook to my daughter.  The colorful drawings of atoms have been enjoyed by all three of my kids.  It really helped them understand the concepts that were taught.
This was part of the lab for the chapter on molecules.  She had to make a molecule when given a certain number of toothpicks and marshmallows.  Then she was supposed to draw it in the lab manual.  Because my oldest child had used the lab manual, I had my daughter draw her molecule on a piece of paper.
Later, after making and drawing several molecules according to the rules given, she was given instructions to make one look any way she wanted.

I highly recommend the Real Science 4 Kids curriculum.  I didn’t end up purchasing any of the other ones because of the price, but if you are looking for a quality science curriculum for your young child I don’t think you can go wrong with Real Science 4 Kids.  I’ve heard that is it difficult to find used, but if you do find it I would jump on it.

My older two enjoying an experiment back when they were in Pre-K and 1st grade.

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