Relaxed Schedule

We have done many different schedules through the years, but one of our favorites is a simple one that my kids have all enjoyed.

To prepare the schedule, I typed up all of my children’s subjects for about 10 days and printed them off.  This means that if they were doing math for all 10 days then I would have math on the list 10 times.  I then cut all of the different activities or subjects into strips and folded them up and put them in some glass containers.  

I printed on colored paper so it was easier to distinguish who owned the strips when they weren’t in their jars.  For some items I put a certain amount of time to spend.  For other items (not pictured) I indicated how much work should be completed.

My kids liked decorating their own glass containers. I found some milk-bottle style containers at the dollar store.

We would start school at a certain time and each child would pick a paper from the jar and start their school day with that task. Once that task was complete, they would pick another paper from their jar. They would continue to do this until our school day was done.

The 10 days of assignments often took longer than 10 days. My kids were done when our school day was done.

Now it didn’t always work out that my child would do the picked subject at the time it is picked.  Sometimes they needed to wait for the computer or wait for me.  In that case, they set aside their strip and picked another one to do first.  

My kids enjoyed this method.  Some days they doubled up on a subject and some days they skipped it.  It worked out in the end. If I noticed that a subject wasn’t getting enough coverage, I would just add a few extra slips for that subject the next time.

It helped us get things accomplished, but maintain a relaxed pace.

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