Rosetta Stone Language Program – Making it work for us

Rosetta Stone
is a widely acclaimed foreign language program, but my boys don’t like it. They get bored of it quite quickly. We have version 2 and I purchased it for my oldest son when he was in Kindergarten. When I found out that the shipping costs for my new Mandarin curriculum would be as much as the curriculum itself I decided to give Rosetta Stone another try. We have tried a few things this year like playing active games between turns, but sticker books have worked the best. I had some old sticker books around here so I pulled them out one day and every time a child chose the correct answer on the first try he was able to put a sticker in his book. Simple, yet effective! We are chugging through the lesson now. Their focus on the stickers takes away their boredom. My youngest son liked to guess at what the answer was. Now he pays attention and tries to figure out what it should be. Also I have my boys take turns giving answers. I have the program that tracts the correct and incorrect answers and keeps presenting information until it is mastered. This seems to work well despite the turn taking. The competition aspect of seeing a sibling answer correctly to get a sticker is highly motivating. So on we go with Rosetta Stone . I will stick it out through this school year and see how much progress has been made to determine if we will continue with it.

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