Science, Science, We Love Science

A trip to the science center is one of our favorite activities.  Yesterday was our first excursion to the science center during a school day. Let me just say that we will probably never go on a weekend again.  The place was practically empty and there were no lines for the most popular activities.
When we arrived home from a busy day at the science center, my son happily proclaimed that the only school he had that day was an hour of NaNoWriMo in the morning and time spent listening to Story of the World in the car.  Crazy kid.  We love science in our household and I wish we could spend even more time on it than we do.  
Here are a few pictures from our recent adventure to the science center.  I’d love to hear some of your favorite science-related places to go.  Please leave a comment and let me know.  Hopefully I will get some new ideas.
Getting some instruction on really old rocks.  A long hallway at the science center has a rock timeline showing billions of years old rocks.  The rocks get younger as you continue down the timeline.  Here my boys are about halfway down the hall and getting instruction on the magnetic qualities of one rock.  We spent more time here than usual since we had just studied rocks in science.

A trip through the rainforest.  This little super humid section of the science center had different plants and a few creatures that live in the rainforest.  It doesn’t compare with the zoo, but it was a nice addition to the Living Earth exhibit.

Attempting to drive a rocket chair that is powered by air jets.  You have to aim different jets to be able to get the chair to move in the direction you want.  I tried it to and let me just say that I didn’t go very far.  None of us did.

 Here my boys are attempting to hit a spinning Saturn with a marble.
Watching balls fall down a black hole while waiting for the Planetarium show.

I think this was her favorite activity.  It takes a picture of your face and you can replace it with different facial features.  I think she tried to make hers Mario.

LOL, that’s all I can say about this one.

A track that lets you race different sizes of weighted blocks down chutes.

This place was well-loved.  There were about 20 different preset tracks to race balls to see what they would do with different angles.

They could also form their own track.  

What are your favorite science excursions?  I’d love to hear new ideas.

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