Sequential Spelling Analysis

I have been using Sequential Spelling with my second grader this school year.  Sequential Spelling teaches spelling according to patterns rather than rules.  

After the first 40 days I was a little apprehensive about the program.  My child had scored a 70% on the 40 day evaluation.  While 70% isn’t poor, it isn’t great either.  So I decided to measure progress instead.  Before starting day 41 of the program I gave my kid the test that is given after 80 days.  Below is a comparison of the test given before instruction and after instruction. Incorrectly spelled words are bolded.

Pretest   Posttest  
shoving   shoving  
show   show  
drove   drove  
blowing   blowing  
robe   robe  
exploded   exploded  
engoy   enjoy  
delaid   delayed  
loned   loned (supposed to be loaned)  
soacking   soaking  
crime   crime  
ungourded   unguarded  
starring   starring  
marching   marching  
home   home  
soap   soap  
understanding   understanding  
depends   depends  
demanded   demanded  
exiting   exiting (supposed to be exciting)  
70% correct   90% correct  

I am pleased with the results.  The test took a look at many of the patterns learned over the past 40 days of instruction.  I’ve already given my kid the pretest for the 120 day test.  She scored only 60% so it will be interesting to see her progress. So far, Sequential Spelling appears to be working for us.

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  1. We love Sequential Spelling too! I have had two terriable spellers improve considerably using it…perhaps I should try it on myself. 🙂

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