Sequential Spelling Sample Day

Sequential Spelling A Sample Day

We are well into the first Sequential Spelling book now. We have just started to develop a rhythm to our spelling time so we go through everything in about 15 minutes. Here is what we need to start our spelling lesson. I use the Sequential Spelling book and my son uses the white board and marker.
sequential spelling Sequential Spelling is a different approach to spelling. It teaches your child according to word patterns. Every day your child has new words to try and spell. Here is an example of the list of words.

sequential spelling 2

Each day has 25 words. You can see the previous days and how the word patterns are expanded on.

sequential spelling 3

So how does it work? I hold the Sequential Spelling book and tell my son the spelling word to write. I then put the word in a sentence. My son writes down the word. Then I write the word right next to his. He has to check to see if he was correct. If he was not correct he has to immediately fix his error before we go on to the next word.

Sequential Spelling may not be the typical spelling curriculum, but I see my son spelling some long words correctly.

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