Sequential Spelling Update

I am using Sequential Spelling. with my second grader this year. Sequential Spelling. approaches spelling through patterns rather than rules or rote memory.

Every 40 days in the Sequential Spelling. program you can give your child a test to see how they are retaining information. We just passed the forty day mark and my kid completed the test.

She correctly spelled 70% of the words. While 70% isn’t bad, it isn’t good either. So what now? I plan on giving her the 80th day test next and then completing the next forty days. At that point I will give her the 80th day test again to determine his gains.

I wish I had done a pretest for the fortieth day test now. A 70% would be interpreted much differently with a pretest that was only 20% correct over one that was 60% correct. I’ll reevaluate in another forty days to determine if Sequential Spelling is the best way for my child to learn to spell.

See the update here.

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  1. Hi! This is Gloria from the AVKO Foundation that creates and publishes the Sequential Spelling books. I have some ideas on how you can improve his retention with some additional language arts assignments and also some fun game-like things for him to do. Please call me toll free at 1866.285.6612. Thanks!

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