Sequential Spelling

We had our first experience with Sequential Spelling today. Sequential Spelling is a bit different from your standard spelling curriculum.  Instead of having a weekly test, you are “tested” each day.   The premise is that progressing through the daily tests will help your child become familiar with patterns of spelling.

On Day 1 of this curriculum it instructs the child to spell in, then pin, then sin, and then spin.  Granted those words were rather simple, but this program gradually expands on words so your child is spelling more difficult words within the word pattern of “in”.

The first few days of the spelling program are scripted. Even so it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete the lesson. We are using white boards because white boards are simply more fun than paper and pencil.

I have my son write the spelling word on his white board.  When he is finished, I write the word on another white board.  My son then compares the two to see if he spelled his word correct. If it is spelling incorrect, he is to correct it.

Tonight my five year old wanted to try out Sequential Spelling too and I did the first day’s words with him and he was able to do it correctly. My older son didn’t want to stop the spelling lesson too. I think the white board aspect helps keep it interesting and fun (as well as the newness of it).

Have you used the curriculum?  What did you think of it?

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