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It is that time of the school year when you evaluate how things are going and change things if necessary.  My oldest son has been using Sequential Spelling since the start of second grade.  I started doing pre and post tests to measure progress during the school year and progress was made every time.  Yet progress wasn’t significant in most cases.  I gave him the final test for the second book before we even started it.  He did well, but there was room for improvement.  The program appeared to be working, but it was dreaded.  My son hated it.  I didn’t enjoy it either.  I attempted to put the words on Spelling City to make it more interesting, but it slowed us way down.  So I decided to have a look around to see what else was out there.  I know my son liked workbooks so I tried to find a workbook based program.  However, I would only switch to one that was rule-based or pattern-based because my son doesn’t have a very strong phonics background.

Our new program arrived a couple weeks ago, but my son loves it.  Would you believe that he ran off with his spelling book and did it on his own while he waited for school to start?  Is this the same boy that has dreaded spelling for the past year and a half?  Yes!  And it gives him the strong base in spelling rules.

So, do you want to know what we are using?  Rod and Staff Spelling.  It gives a list of words at the beginning of a lesson.  It then has the child go through several exercises regarding those words like list all the words with the “un” pattern, or separate a word into syllables, or fill in the blank with the word that fits the meaning of the sentence.  The words are not too difficult, but the exercises are challenging.  I will keep an eye open to see how effective this program is for him.

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