Step into China

China Unit Study

We are visiting Asia this school year and stopping by China, India, and Thailand.  Our first stop has been China and we have enjoyed our stay thus far.  This is an in depth look at China using books, DVDs, and activities.  We typically read books aloud, but they can be read independently too.  This focus of this study is an immersion into Chinese culture with some history and science thrown in.   The books, DVDs and activities are listed chronologically, but we haven’t always been able to do things in order due to availability of library books and DVDs.

Read Spotlight on China by Bobbie Kalman

Watch Discovery Atlas: China Revealed DVD 102 minutes

Read Yeh-Hsien a Chinese Cinderella by Dawn Casey

Watch Families of China DVD 30 minutes

Read The Greatest Power by Demi – picture book, story about girl finding most valuable thing

Cookie cake – map of China  See here for examples of other cookie cakes we have done.

Read Shanyi Goes to China by Sungwan So

Watch China to the Max DVD on Shanghai and Hong Kong 81 minutes

Make flag from construction paper

Read Children Just Like Me pg 48-49

Make Chinese paper lanterns
Read Xinmin’s Story: A Family in China by Helene Tremblay
Listen to music from China
Read Food and Recipes of China by Theresa Beatty  and complete one recipe
Tea Tasting – smell and taste 3 different types of tea and write a review

Once Upon a Full Moon – a long picture book

Watch dancing from China

Watch Discover China: A Tale of Tofu DVD 52 minutes. There is a pig slaughter at the end.

Read The Story of Noodles (picture book)

The Children of China: An Artist’s Journey   good map, art, and description of life around China

Watch Confucianism – life of Confucius DVD Religions of the World: Our World Faiths Animated about 20 minutes

Read Our Home is the Sea by Riki Levinson isbn 0-525-44406-8
Visit local Chinatown

Older child read the Adventures of Marco Polo

Younger child read Marco Polo: Overland to China by Zelenyj

Watch Explorers of the World Marco Polo DVD 23 minutes brief look at his life and work
Read The Dragon’s Robe picture book
Practice eating with chopsticks

Watch GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure DVD  – close to 4 hours

Build great wall out of rice krispie treats and cookies with this as a model.

Watch The Secret of the Magic Gourd DVD in Mandarin

Visit Dim Sum restaurant
Attend local Chinese New Year Celebration in February


  1. As part of this unit study we will try Chinese food and learn about Chinese culture. We also make a list of facts on China. I have a copy of a book called Chinese Cinderella which I’m planning to read to the children too. How do I teach them about Chinese sports? Thanks!! I love your blog.

  2. We are studying China this week-thanks for these great ideas! I don’t have many of these books, but the topics are great and I will look for similar books at the library. I loved the idea of the YouTube videos of Chinese dances too! And also building the great wall of china from rice krispie treats! 🙂

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  4. I’d love to see pictures of your Rice Krispie Great Wall when you have it finished! Jericho sounds fun. Did you make the marshmallows fall down?

  5. Thank you for posting this! My older daughter (5) has loved everything about China for two years. It was pure magic for us when her passion for China met my younger daughter’s passion for dinosaurs (she’s just about to turn 4 and wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. She asked for a museum playset for her birthday–I haven’t found one yet) in a book called “Feathered Dinosaurs of China”. We are definitely doing the rice crispie Great Wall! We did Jericho with Nutella and giant marshmallows about a year ago and that was a huge hit. Love your blog!

  6. wow! looks like a fun, and extensive, study of china!

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