Story of the World Ancient Times: Books, Videos, and Projects

Story of the World Ancient TimesI’m going through the Story of the World series with my daughter at a leisurely pace.  We are using the Story of the World audio book and the Story of the World Activity Book as our main resources and adding in some videos, books, and projects.activitybook

On this post I have listed additional books, videos, and activities that are not found in the activity manual.  The activity manual is a great resource for books and projects and we are using many of them.  I highly recommend the combination of the audio book and the activity book.  It has been working quite well for us.

This is an updated list.  I expanded this list to cover through chapter 25 of Story of the World Ancient Times.  My daughter also requested more projects so chapters 5 and up have more projects.

Here is basically how we are using Story of the World:

  1. Story of the World chapter audio with coloring page (We listen to the audio in the car as well.)
  2. Review questions (from Activity Book)
  3. Map work (from Activity Book)
  4. Mixture of read aloud books, videos, and projects on the topic.  This takes up most of our time, but it is the part we like the best.


Chapter 1 – The Earliest People

We started a prehistory unit study last year, but didn’t finish it so I added a bunch to this chapter.

Chapter Two:  Egyptians Lived on the Nile Rivernile

Chapter 3:  The First Writing

Chapter 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictator

Chapter 6: The Jewish People

Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians

  • No additions

Chapter 8:  The Assyrians

Chapter 9:  The First Cities of India

Chapter 10: The Far East – Ancient China

 Chapter 11:  Ancient Africa

Chapter 12: The Middle Kingdom of Egyptinthedaysofthepharoahs

Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 14:  The Israelites Leave Egypt

Chapter 15:  The Phoenicians

Chapter 16:  The Return of Assyria

Chapter 17:  Babylon Takes Over Again!

Chapter 18:  Life in Early Crete

Chapter 19:  The Early Greeks

Chapter 20:  Greece Gets Civilized Again

Chapter 21:  The Medes and the Persians

Chapter 22:  Sparta and Athens

Chapter 23:  The Greek Gods

Chapter 24: The Wars of the Greeks

Chapter 25:  Alexander the Great


  1. I started this curriculum with my son earlier this year as well. I love all of your suggested activity ideas and am bookmarking this article for later reference.

  2. This is an awesome resource list! Thank you! I hope you did the other chapters as well. I’ll be checking. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

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